ACCESS TO CASH – A Money & You Book By Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

“The New Definition Of Wealth, And It’s Not What You Think”



Excellerated Business Success Model E-Book

Timeless, proven formula to create, build and grow a socially responsible organization.

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Fridays With Doria & Friends Global Platform

By Zoom and Clubhouse – Meet our global network and expand your INFLUENCE, IMPACT and WEALTH. Watch replays of business/entrepreneurial masters and experts. In addition, Ho’oponopono Prayers are offered to the Global Network:

Recovery Magical Exercises

This process has been done by successful transformational financial masters / experts / best– selling authors. Do these easy exercises to support you in clearing multi-generational financial decisions that were activated during the Global Paradigm Shift or just in the process of life:


Money & You Program – 3 ½ Day Live Program

Consists of 65% experiential exercises that allows you to discover how to peel back the layers of success, wealth, and business building breakthroughs so you can put yourself on a path to a better life: 

Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE)

This is the program that birthed the Entrepreneurial, Experiential, Transformational Industry in 1978. Today's curriculum covers some of the world’s fastest trends and growing industries – New Technologies – Renewables – Impact:

Doria Cordova Foundation

Dame Doria Cordova, her partners and affiliate organizations have been doing philanthropic work for decades. As she enters the legacy stage of her life, this Foundation will be the steward of her work as she continues to fulfill her life purpose.


Access to Cash Online Entrepreneurial Course

Six ½ hours of distinctions, strategies, and tools from Doria Cordova’s forty-plus years of experience to support you to create your profitable business / organization (for-and non-profit) that will create wealth for YOU:

Money-Making Systems Manual

“Excellerate” your entrepreneurial skills; step-by-step office / desk organization. Nuts and bolts of how to build teams and create productivity:

Leverage – Key to Access to Cash Course

Easy and concise online course to learn distinctions for leveraging your time, money, resources, networks… your energy!


Evolve Experience – Two–Day Online Live Event

This global “live” online event will expand your global markets with extraordinary entrepreneurs. The program consists of interactive / transformational exercises:


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Excellent Program for Teens created by the co-founder of Excellerated Programs: 

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DISC Personal Style Profile
Understand others and yourself for greater productivity, relationships, and leadership:

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Maria Crimi Speth

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Michael R. Polin

Masterful Business and Personal Coaching – Kerry Zurier
Master Coach who works with high level individuals. Leading Master Trainer of Excellerated Instructors’ Training Program:

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Extraordinary Business and Tax Strategist:

Masterdojo Custom Branded App – Dr. Jay Pandya
A no-nonsense all-inclusive platform for customer/ client’s referrals and gaining new clients. It can be used for courses, books, marketing tool for any business. Many features. All can be custom branded.

Excellent Online Marketing Strategy – Dwain Jeworski 
Excellerated Business Schools’ Web orchestrator since 2008. Works behind the scenes with some of the most successful transformational leaders:

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AREDAY – Top-Level Network of the Renewable Energy Industry
Live / online and films featuring Clean Energy world leaders in Finance, Investment, Government, Solar, Biofuels, Geothermal from Public and Private Sectors:

Debt Settlement and Financial Restructuring Specialist – Paul Schumann:

LifeWave Light–Base Nanotechnology Patches – Stem Cells Activator / Immune System Boosters for Health, Vitality and Youthfulness:

Financial Literacy – Women Empowerment – Dame Nicola Smith Jackson:

Business Power Tools – Burke Franklin
An easy-to-use toolbox full of proven software that simplify, launching, growing or re-inventing your company, including creating a Business Plan.

Top Talent JV Mastermind – David Fagan & Isabel Donadio–Fagan
Masterminding with experts / masters / professionals / entrepreneurs and create business relationships – Joint Ventures:

PR Services – Tom Chesser

Media – Los Angeles Tribune – Moe Rock, CEO

LiT (Leaders In Transformation) Magazine Worldwide – Shmiko Cole, CEO

Social Media Thought Leader – Mari Smith

Video / TV / Media Expertise  – Ann DeVere

Liberation Breathing – Sondra Ray
Conscious connected breathing that restores your mind / body to health & wellness:

Lindwall Releasing Method – Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer
Deep transformational processes to release patterns or negative programs in subconscious mind:

Pitching Expert ­– Transformational Success Coach – Dr. Forbes Riley:

Sales Expertise – Mentoring – Eric Lofholm:

Global Energy Projects – Based on Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller’s highest priority:

Award Winning Photographer – Ann Landstrom:

Celebrity Host – Influencer –  Mindset Coach – Diamond Diva:

Business Consultancy / Couples in Business – Colin Sprake:

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The is now actively supporting individuals and organizations focused doing good work.

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Here is what Entrepreneurs are saying about Access to Cash and Doria’s work:

“Thank you so much, Doria Cordova! What a gift you are! The principle of leverage that you teach in this book has helped me generate over US$100 million dollars liquid, exponentially grow my team, and find the peace I was searching for.”

Dame Nicola Smith-Jackson
CEO & Founder, Pink Millionaire Club

“Thank you, Doria, for teaching me how to express that which I truly desired. I learned that there is power in verbalizing to someone a declaration of intent. It worked beyond my expectations… I now have very successful multi-million-dollar businesses, I have a beautiful life partner, a gorgeous little girl – with another child on the way! And I now lead the Money & You® and Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs programs!”

Andrew Barron
Managing Director, PTP Group

“Access to Cash is a must read for entrepreneurs! Dame Doria Cordova offers grounded support around money and leverage strategies to help you grow your money. Additionally, she delves into mindset strategies to help you create wealth in your life.”

Dame Maria Simone
Founder, ZenMoose Capital, Impact Investor, Executive Producer, Business Strategist